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Scott "Diamond" Allard


Root Beer Float


• Communication, Writing E-mails, Configuring website code, graphics, performing edits, photography and processing photographic content on websites. Delivering top-notch customer service as a freelance entrepreneur.

• Plays guitar, loves Mexican food, studies music, the arts, enjoys wine tasting, concerts and likes to workout.


People would describe me as logical, analytical, and a person who pays attention to the smallest details. For computer programming and design work, that's a successful, winning combo!

Always wanting to be helpful, and rendering the highest level of customer service possible, I have built a successful business model around my beliefs and values, which improves every year. I've generated a great list of web clientele over the past 17 years. Putting my name behind my product and service means a lot to me.

Scott, many faces

Vanessa Atalanta Butterfly

Fun Fact! Many people ask, "Hey Scott! What does this hard-to-spell name 'ATALANTA' mean anyway?!" Answer: It's the species of a certain butterfly I chose for my logo. It's the Vanessa Atalanta Butterfly. Upon researching, it quickly became my favorite butterfly!

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