Content Writing

A Website Needs Quality and Engaging Content About your Product, Service, or Message...

Writing for your target audience is key to attracting and retaining visitors on your website. Many web clients have a wonderful website built for them, then they unfortunately find themselves with all the bells & whistles, high-tech forms, navigation and functionality, but they forgot about the all-essential verbiage that will ultimately make the visitor put a value on their product or service.

Don't be stuck with “The empty page syndrome...”

You have some basic goals on any website: a) provide information, b) promote your ideas (usually sales), and c) convert the visitor into a subscriber or paying customer. It's that simple. That be the case, take this part of your website seriously!

Outsource this very important task to a professional with the necessary and specialized skillset. You may have a website in the works, and the project flowchart already has the page structure and navigation planned in your outline. Each page deserves special and individualized attention, from top to bottom. Don't leave the engaging content and search engine optimized writing and source code up to chance!

Writing for Search Engines

Together as website owners, we do have a responsibility to entertain, engage, and meet the informational needs of our *human* customers and visitors [who are not yet customers.] But what about Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search robots which will be spidering , cataloging, and ranking your pages? YES!!! They are important too!

Some would place a higher value on writing for the search engines. I believe it is 50/50, and if you are writing honest, well-researched, fresh content for your human visitors, then you will have no penalization or red flags to worry about when you are visited by the search robots. Many webmasters who engage in “keyword stuffing” (deliberate and overuse of keyterms), have had their site's penalized. (This practice has been well known and documented with the many changes and revisions Google's search algorithm has gone through. See Seo Ranking.) A good webmaster and content writer knows how to use keyword density properly, to a site's advantage, and knows not to abuse the system.

Another major problem on the internet, is that content is copied and pasted, stolen (plagiarized), and used over and over, stretching it extensively. For example, a single article can be copied (or shared) with permission with over 100 different websites. While sharing of content - with full credit intact - is a common practice, ultimately, your page is getting filled, but your website is not getting credit and you are not the source of that great article. Google's databases are extremely smart (computer tracking, human editors, the whole 9 yards), and they know exactly how many copies are out there, and where the original source material came from. The main point? Write fresh, original content! Keep those search engine robots, spiders, and bots happy!

Content Writing - Problem Solved!

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This problem can be tackled by hiring an expert Web Content Writer or Copy Editor for your website, blogs, and other marketing materials. I can charge on a per-page basis, or put together a package rate. Your verbiage will be delivered in an HTML web-based format, with or without photo/visual content added, which can be edited into your website's source code. With proper ftp access credentials, your copy can be inserted and source code checked, top to bottom - along with your website's meta tags. 9 times out of 10, website content is used in product shopping carts, javascript snippets, advanced web-sliders, and other fancy code which requires a skilled professional who can insert/edit this code without “breaking the page” (ie: causing critical page display problems.) Have peace of mind knowing this task is in qualified hands you can trust!

Available on an ongoing monthly editing basis!