Custom Graphics

Graphics are one of many specialities in a web designer's arsenal. Photoshop is the #1 tool for producing layered, sophisticated designs, but there are many other “go-to” tools in my toolbox that I use. The #1 - and most important tool - is the creative mind. Followed up in equal portions with the technical mind!

I have worked with all industry standard image formats, all different resolutions, raster-based and vector based, CMYK, RGB & greyscale, various DPI and PPI, and have done extensive work with typography and fonts. JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF - you name it! In this business, we use more acronyms than you could shake a stick at...

Weather your “instant website” services out there would like to admit it or not, it does take some custom graphics to make your site whole, unique, and an original work of art. You can only stretch free basic clip art so far before your project looks, well, as if you stretched free clip art so far.

I create custom graphics, which give your website the look it needs. It may be for a Wordpress template, a fancy Joomla! design, an informative slideshow, a header graphic with styles for an E-mail marketing newsletter, or even a print ad. Vector based graphics are also used, created with a great program called Illustrator. We won't cover that in this article, but it's one of many important software packages out there. I'm primarily discussing standard rasterized graphics on this page.

Whatever your graphics needs, I am a fully-qualified, experienced and knowledgable graphic designer who has worked in this field for many years, on a wide gamut of projects. I will answer any questions you might have for your next project, and would love to provide your company with the expertise it needs.

Your Next Website Graphic is an Empty Canvas...

Custom Graphics