E-mail Marketing

Creating Beautiful CSS/HTML E-mail Templates to be sent to your Mailing List and Marketing Database

Using all the modern coding, techniques and tools that the web has to offer, I can create beautiful E-mail templates with professional, attention-grabbing layouts for your recurring newsletters or company bulk mailings.

A recurring, regularly scheduled mailing to your marketing list(s) will keep you in constant contact with the business contacts that are most important to you. I can do this valuable service for you at an affordable price!

Using my Webmail services will help you reach, engage, and acquire new customers through email, events, and social media. Finding customers and turning prospects into clients is what it's all about!

Take the following marketing list categories into consideration:

  • New Prospects
  • Established Customer base
  • Newsletter Subscribers

Each of these groups are extremely valuable to your business - learn more about these marketing groups HERE.

Managed E-mail Campaign

Managing your E-mail campaign is a specialized job that requires software, infrastructure and expertise to organize and maintain your lists and delivery schedule.

An active, well-run campaign usually requires work on a weekly or monthly basis. A typical business website with high volumes of traffic will need more frequent action and aggressive customer followup. Running a successful marketing campaign, you might need to hire someone [ie: a web professional, good with communication skills] just to organize the E-mails and provide a timely response. Keeping in touch and rendering excellent customer service is essential and part of a successful business!

10 Ways to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Ok, you have identified the need to run an effective E-mail marketing campaign. What can you do to influence more website visitors to “opt-in” to your newsletter subscription? Here are just a few tips and pointers that will point you in the right direction!

1) Keep the signup form as simple as possible. Don't bother asking for addresses, telephone, or hobbies they do on weekends. This is time consuming and even if the extra fields are not required, the most successful format simply asks for name and email address.

2) Follow up for the details later. Any additional information you are interested in can be gather upon followup. Sending out a survey, sending a more personalized message can be done in upcoming weeks.

3) Keep the subscribe form visible, and seen frequently throughout your website and other marketing material. You can even put snippets of your subscribe code on facebook and html email footers.

4) Make it clear what the recipient will be getting. Why sign up to a form when they don't know what great information, offers and benefits you'll be giving them? Give just a little incentive, and it will go a long way!

5) Provide value. This of course is to be proven after the signup, when you send them the actual newsletter, but remember, creating a valuable newsletter is the sure way to keep them from Unsubscribing!

6) Be specific when setting your E-mail frequency. Weather your newsletter is a daily, weekly, or monthly deal, make sure you hold to that. Too much could come across as spam, and could push them to use your Unsubscribe feature.

7) Consistency. If you say you are going to have a monthly newsletter, try to stay with that. Changing the schedule and being inconsistent does not translate well and is not usually well received.

8) Make sure in the E-mail, there is an easy way to forward it. If the initial reader likes what they see, they will share with a friend via email, Facebook, twitter, or other social sharing site! That is the goal, right?

9) Take advantage of all the technology and smartphone features. Use QR codes at trade shows, signage, and other places (not on website), to direct interested “crazy-busy” people to your subscribe link. You'll be surprised how many alternate signup sources you get!

10) Make subscribe to newsletter a default option in your forms. This simple checkbox will usually not be unchecked, so your form submitting visitor will almost always opt to subscribe!