Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that get asked often in the web design process. Click on the question and the answer will appear.

‣ How do I start a new website? Or have you take over my current website?

Working with me is as easy and cost effective as it gets. We discuss - through web, email, or phone - what needs to be done, I provide a written (E-mailed) quote and service form, and once we agree to move forward, your website or custom project is started.

‣ What does it cost to build a website with you?

Pricing for web development varies based on features, software, design costs, labor, etc. A typical informational site - that is, a site displaying information, without special functionality - can range from $2000 to $5000. Advanced sites have special considerations, which will be outlined in your proposal. Charitable organizations: please contact me! I'm more than happy to build something that looks great and fits in your budget.

‣ I need to make a payment. How can I give you my credit card?

Individual payments can be made via my online Payment Page. Longer term, or month-to-month service plans will have a service form on file. You may opt to pay via Visa, MC, AmExp, or mailed check.

‣ What is the best way to get a web design quote from you?

Easy! To get started, fill out my contact form. This will give me your basic information, and answer some initial questions. Then we can talk on the phone to cover more specific details. If you wish to go directly to the phone call, you may opt out of that first part, but I will be asking those questions during the call.

‣ I need to setup my E-mail, what should I do?

E-mail setup is one of my specialities! There are a ton of settings in your mail app, or smartphone, and sometimes just a few tweaks is all it takes, but the wrong tweak and you are out of luck. Part of my tech support package includes E-mail setup assistance. If you are one of my clients, then I most likely have your password information securely on file. I can also reset it at any time, or resend the incoming/outgoing server information.

‣ If I get my website designed with you, can I get my website graphics to "pop"?

Yes, indeed! Of the many requests, this one is very popular. As a seasoned graphic designer, many factors determine weather an image or element on the screen stands out or "pops." Creating a contrast between the foreground red bottoms and the background is a common technique. Creative color combinations are selected based on color theory, then layered and woven into the custom design.

‣ I have a unique situation. Can I have "just hosting", or "just maintenance" with you? Or "just design" with another specified host?

Yes. Sometimes only a part of the job needs to be outsourced. For whatever reason, you do not need a full design design package. Maybe your former webmaster has closed shop, or is unavailable anymore... Maybe you need another team member to work on a larger project... So many scenarios exist. I work with the variables and go from there.

‣ I've heard about Wordpress, What other content management options are available?

As popular and mainstream as WordPress is, there are many other content/Blog management systems available. Joomla! is a great alternative. Drupal, and ModX are other popular CMS systems out there, and they are great for larger, database-driven websites which allow advanced user management, and page edits “on-the-fly.” I am also available to schedule a custom programmed solution - the only downside is development time and cost.

‣ What does a typical web service include?

We start with the domain name (most clients have this already), then your hosting account is setup and configured. E-mail accounts are always included, along with the hosting, in your monthly service fee. This can be paid monthly, quarterly, or a full year in advance. Database setup and population is standard and necessary in most modern websites, and of course - The reason you need a human in the first place - the custom design work, module installation, page creation, forms programming and proper setup of your website must be done. It's the “Getting it To Work” part that is my specialty!

‣ With WordPress, does my site have to look like a blog?

No way! There are many "free" Wordpress templates available and a zillion site owners who have zero creative or programming skills. Many do not know how to configure and harness the power of WordPress. When I customize a template, it becomes a unique, custom theme which will become YOUR original business / organization's image. Many Wordpress users have used the package - quite successfully - simply as a content management system, and ignored the Blog functionality.

‣ Can I update the website myself?

Certainly! Many tools and access options are provided and available, at your disposal. Even with full site access down to the file level, 9 out of 10 clients prefer to have an expert webmaster perform their edits. Not only does it free up their time, but it ensures they are getting it done correctly. Uploading and positioning those photos, creating that header graphic, perfecting those html/css font and color styles, and balancing the page layout can be done right ...or wrong. We prefer the former! :-)

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Web Maintenance. For your website's success.

Finding a dedicated, knowledgeable webmaster who will bring your site to optimal performance is hard to come by. Building a quality relationship with a professional you can trust is key to success and your company's future.
Your organization or business will benefit from having our talented staff meet your internet needs.

Design Collaboration

Digital Photography

Digital Photography. How important is your website image?

There is a difference between a good photo and a bad photo. Need someone on location, at your place of business, to set up professional photo equipment, and photograph your products, building, or staff? I am available and offer highest quality, excellent rates and easy payment options! The best part of all this, your customers will know they are working with a company who takes their photographic imagery seriously.

Expert SEO Specialist. Reach Your Target Audience.

You want a dedicated professional to work with, one-on-one for your web marketing campaigns, not a "fly-by-nighter". There is something about knowing who your webmaster is, that you can E-mail him on a moments notice, and know he'll respond and initiate your request within 24 hours, that makes your website management just run smoother. Maybe it's the peace of mind that makes you feel good, knowing your data, your business, and your sensitive marketing ideas are in the hands of someone you can trust. Someone with technical proficiency working for your business.

Skilled Webmaster Professional

Credit Card Processing

Webmaster Expertise. Only an E-mail away!

With the technical expertise normally found only at places like ivy league universities, Google Inc, or advanced IT support firms, your website can be managed by a pro. Designing your site - or simply managing an already-designed website, will be a breeze and you'll be delighted at how low the monthly service fee is. Shopping carts, database population, new pages, menu navigation, custom forms design, advanced scripting, secure payment processing, mailing list subscriptions, and many other services from a single, reliable "go-to" source. Read more about me, services offered and other details...