Managed E-mail Marketing List Services

Mailing ListsWeather your primary market is B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), or even B2G (business to government), a mailing list is one of the best methods used to send out updates, calendar event information, notifications, general newsletters, and to keep in touch with your subscriber base (or lead list) throughout the year. As a "Best Practice", it is a list of E-mail addresses and names who have "opted-in" as subscribers to receive these E-mailings. For marketers, a well-researched (targeted) mailing list directed towards a specific demographic is often used.

Working with Clients in Newsletter Mail ServiceI work with clients through the E-mail development process by designing and formatting the newsletter and then (once all content is approved), executing the delivery through a safe, server-friendly delivery process. To get the proper style, we review and discuss the drafts and make style adjustments (ie: text, font, color, photos etc.) and revisions where necessary, then we schedule the mailing date(s). Scheduling recurring E-mail is a critical part on any modern marketing plan. It's a tedious, but important process.

Take these marketing list categories into consideration:

  • New Prospects
  • Established Customer Base
  • Newsletter Subscribers

New Prospects

Probably the #1 focus of any business, finding new prospects and converting them into paying customers is the key to progressive business growth. Defining your specific "target" market, developing or purchasing your mailing lists, and honing in on your ideal customer is what it's all about!

Established Customers

Once you have an established customer base, you will want to keep in touch with them on an ongoing basis. Customer newsletters are an extremely powerful tool in doing this. The content and message to your established customer base may be different, but the style and general format can be drawn from our main template and will provide a consistent, refined format for your company mailings.

Newsletter Subscribers

As you promote your website, attract visitors, and gain a following, it is a great practice to invite visitors (at every opportunity) to join your newsletter list. When a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, they are saying "yes, I want to receive information from you, I am interested." This costs the newsletter subscriber nothing, (and no cost for you either), but it is extremely valuable in marketing terms! Subscribers receive all the benefits and information you send them on a recurring weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Today's subscribers could mean tomorrow's new customer signups!