Skype has changed the way we communicate. Other network hubs, such as Facebook and Twitter have done this on a social level, but for personal and business telecommunications, Skype offers a full ranges of services for those who need phone, video, and chat communications across the globe.

“Lets Video Chat Today!”

Skype Contact Info

To use Skype, all you have to do is visit the website, and download the Skype client. You will also have to create a free Skype user account. (To use some of the advanced features, such as your own phone #, or calling non-skype users, you will have to pay small fees for this.) Still, the fees and rates are extremely low compared to all other communication services out there. To make Skype-to-Skype* calls, fortunately, this is still free! * Skype-to-Skype means both users have Skype accounts, and you would not be calling a number, rather, connecting via Skype username.

Video Chat

One of the coolest Skype features is being able to use your computer's webcam, and see real-time, face-to-face display of the person you are calling. You can talk as if you were sitting right there at the desk together. One party my be in Trinidad, and the other party may be in Los Angeles. Solid, reliable communication is what it's all about! (Yes... This work internationally as well!)

IM Chat

Skype also has a feature-rich set of Instant Messaging options. You can easily link your Skype account into your Facebook account, and now chatting between the two is transparent! So there you have it! This article is just the tip of the iceberg! The only way to get the full Skype experience, and benefit from all these communication features, is to try it for yourself!

Instead of spending time, money and gas, we now have the internet! We can video chat and make our appointments that way! - W. E. O'Reilly