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No matter where you go. No matter what you do... The phrase “Social Media” is being used everywhere. The idea of social media is nothing new, as the paintings on cave walls were among the first forms of this type of communication. Social Media in the digital world, has quite an emphasis today, since many of our lives, both young and old, are dominated by this thing called Facebook, where a 5 minute excursion onto the site - minute-by-minute being updated by a network of your friends - suddenly engages you into an hour or more, just reading your friend's funny quotes and news posts for the day.

Most marketers (* those who have studied advertising on any level in the past 10-20 years), will recognize that anywhere people gather for an extended period of time, is a place that can reach an audience, or a group of people. This makes Facebook a virtual GOLD MINE to the modern marketing world. This is the stream and flow that has been created on social media websites. The big giant, Facebook, is not the only place people go (although for the sake of statistics, we might narrow down our details to this one single website.)

Marketing without Marketing

Another important concept that most marketers are well aware of, is that people love to buy, but they don't like to be pressured into a sale. Most of us do not like having ads shoved in our face at every opportunity either. (Raise your hands if you agree!!) The difference you will find in Facebook's approach - which offers a lot of marketing leverage - is that *YOU* are the one in full control of your facebook posts. Interestingly, no marketer/advertiser on earth wants to sell you something you don't want, so it is only by you "Liking" a post or a page, or writing a post about a topic that you are delivered ads based on that interaction.

The proper use of any marketing material, website, or attention-grabbing link or ad is to engage and show true value to your valued customers (and potential customers), or anyone interested in what you are doing or promoting.

Facebook pages (my own example below, which I encourage you to please click on and like!) is a great place to go to provide a unique newsfeed for your daily activities. This block below is called a widget and you can get this once you have a special business Page created under a facebook user account.

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“Social media is on the rise? It has BEEN on the rise for quite some time now!” - S. Nutenburg.