Website Maintenance

Keeping your website up-to-date with website maintenance will have a direct impact on your business or organization success.

Don't put the editing of your website in the wrong hands. Use a knowledgable, experienced webmaster who will keep your files, database and images clean and in perfect order. Your site will load faster, have error free code, and produce a friendlier visit for your guests.


If your website uses photos, maintains a gallery, or runs an online shop which needs fast-loading, crisp, clear photo work, then you should have an expert on-call to do these important tasks for you. Look no further! Contact an expert for a no-hassle quote.

Online Shops

Online stores have very specific and technical needs which go above and beyond simple photo cropping and resizing. Those are important steps, but many webshop software packages require photos to be uploaded and imported using a very technical process. Photos should be properly labeled, optimized, and stored in organized folders. This keeps them in a manageable format, and much easier to connect to the database applications your web shopping cart may be using.

If you are running a web shop, need some assistance, and would like to outsource this daunting task, Contact me today and rest easy knowing your website is being updated by a reputable pro.

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