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74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress

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Designing websites using the ever-so-popular blog tool, WordPress has become a niche for do-it-yourselfers across the globe, since it's first release in 2003. Statistically, 18.9% of the top 10 million websites use Wordpress (based on data as of Aug, 2013.) Make no question about it, this content management package has been developed by a large community of developers to be easy to install, perform basic editing tasks (such as uploading and inserting photos, editing text with a full WYSIWYG rich text editor), multi-user management and a host of modules which - when installed and configured correctly - make your website do some exciting things!

All that is to say, this package is very impressive, and if quick, easy and efficient is what you are going for, this could be your #1 choice when starting or upgrading your website.

Limitations of Wordpress

Fitting within the structure of the common "free" WordPress templates is usually a breeze, and the novice web editor really could not ask for simpler. However, along with the simplistic design and setup process, you are forced into an extremely generic and common-looking (read: boring!) website design.

Graphics are needed. Unique photos should be used. Original content and many levels of technical customization should be done if you want your marketing message and goals to stand out.

Please read my other article: 10 Reasons NOT to use Wordpress

Content Management Solutions Summary

This article is not meant to be for or against Wordpress. It is simply to present options and information about this ever-popular website management system. I personally have designed and customized a large number of websites using Wordpress, and think it's a great system. If you are in that process of researching and making that decision about which website system to go with, consider Wordpress! This webmaster will build you the site you want, in order to meet your website needs!

20+ Popular CMS Options:

Many other Content Management Systems exist. It wouldn't be fair to not provide a list for consideration (one might think I'm being biased toward Wordpress!)

  • AdaptCMS
  • b2evolution
  • CMS Made Simple
  • Drupal
  • eZ Publish
  • EasyEdit
  • Geeklog
  • GetSimple CMS
  • ImpressCMS
  • Jamroom
  • Joomla! - * Editor Favorite
  • Kajona
  • Mambo
  • MiaCMS
  • MODX
  • Moodle
  • PHP-Fusion
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpWebSite
  • PivotX
  • Pixie
  • Serendipity
  • SilverStripe
  • TangoCMS
  • Zikula
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