Digital Photography

In addition to creating beautiful, eye-catching, technically proficient designs, we also – as a creative supplemental service – provide extensive full-range of digital photography services.

Why digital photography?

Whenever we take on a new client project, one of the most important materials we need to work with is photos. Statistics and experience has shown, 9 out of 10 web clients are in need of fresh, new, updated, hi-resolution, quality photos.

Atalanta Web Design to the rescue!

Why hire a separate photographer when you can have someone tightly integrated with your website project take care of that need? There are instances where this is convenient and just makes sense. Other instances, however may dictate use of a 3rd party photographer.

Applications for digital photography

Staff photos, product display images, outside contractor work, indoor/outdoor event photos, and other great situation make this the ideal solution for your website photos.

See our other photography page for more information.

When to use a digital photographer

To bring in Atalanta Web Design as your photographer, we will make clear the types of projects that are the right size and scope. An example of an ideal photo shoot, would entail a scheduled 2-3 hours to go on-location, and take a series of photos for the website. Our focus is then to use those photos in the website, for specific sections of the website. We must then put most of our time behind the computer screen, so for those large volume projects which require extensive hours, many sessions, and more frequent, demanding photo production may in fact require we bring someone else in. Someone who has greater availability.

As with other segments of project development, we never want to over-promise, and under-deliver!

What is digital photography?

Many concepts go into this, but we can see from this resource, a basic definition:

Digital photography is the art and science of producing and manipulating digital photographs – photographs that are represented as bit maps.

source [external link]: WEBOPEDIA


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