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Web Graphics and Print Graphics

Graphic design for both web and print are what will keep your business branding consistent and looking sharp! The brochures and business cards should have the same look and feel as the website. We should keep this in mind when building the brand, choosing the color scheme, designing the logo, and establishing your overall image.

Web Graphics

Web and print go hand-in-hand. Aside from dpi/resolution, similar graphics work for both mediums, so it’s beneficial to have your web person do your print work as well. Designing brochures, rack cards, fliers, business cards – print of all sizes. During your consultation, we will discuss the content, design, volume and other specifics, and once the print ready artwork is reviewed and approved (like all creative works, multiple revisions are necessary), we send it out to one of our many print shops. Although we have a few favorite places where we get our print work, we are actually very flexible and can send the print job files anywhere.


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