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Webmaster Services

“…A skilled, professional webmaster managing my website. I don’t have to provide employee benefits, health insurance, nor is he on the payroll. (He’s even a tax write-off!) I may have found the outsourcing secret oasis of success!!”

If you have a website and are actively marketing it, READ ON!!!!

Send documents, text, images and other media to your webmaster, and know that it will be updated in a timely manner.

Reduce and eliminate issues with optimization, page loading, 404 errors (broken links), and browser incompatibilities.

Stay updated with the latest web coding and technologies.

Keep website running smooth BEFORE something goes wrong. (Preventive Maintenance)

The difference between having “nobody” vs. an active webmaster will be seen directly in profits and customer relations.

Web page edits, image additions, and all technical files stay managed RIGHT!

No matter your product or service… With a dedicated webmaster service contract you’ll quickly see the benefits… This is your powerful window to the web… Your web marketing efforts will SOAR!

Ross Bowring“I could not believe this guy was able to manage so many aspects of web service… He does it all!”

I had worked with Scott Allard on a copy editing project a few months back. Now I’m not into all that technical web coding, hosting, and ajax/javascript nonsense, but what Scott showed me made me see the value of having a good web designer who knows what he’s doing.

Samples of work and an extensive design library was shown to me, which serve as templates for websites of all sorts of industries, businesses and organizations – he definitely is up to date in the methods and standards of delivering premium web services to his large customer base.

On seeing his portfolio, I knew Scott was the real deal.

He’s been delivering and perfecting top-shelf web services for 15 years. That says something. If his heart and soul is not into this, he would have quit years ago! The investment into support and expertise is there, more than other companies providing similar services.

Ross Bowring
Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Consultant
Philadelphia / London

Scott Allard, WebmasterFrom Scott Allard
Dedicated Webmaster
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / USA

Dear Frustrated Website Owner,


That’s how you feel when you cannot update your website.

Your hands are tied and you ask… why is this so difficult!?

8 hours of trying to make an update myself. Boy, I made a BIG mistake this time!…

The big “secret” that many businesses are NOT doing, is outsourcing this extremely important job…

They had a website put together – years ago – and never looked at it since.

Or maybe the need was being filled at one time by someone, and through time and events, they can do it no longer.

Read through my website to find out about the extensive services I have done for a wide range of companies and organizations.

Fill out my contact form and learn the benefits of having a webmaster on-call. Most common edits are performed within a 24-48 hour turnaround.

A knowledgeable, progressive webmaster on-call to support, maintain, and host our corporate website…

We’ve been with Atalanta Web Design for over a decade, and have seen the value in having a knowledgeable, progressive webmaster on-call to support, maintain, and host our corporate website. All technical needs, support, and even custom coding has been processed with the professional touch as we’ve undergone several site revisions and improvements over the years. I highly recommend Scott Allard.

Peter Mertzanis, MHA, MBA, CMPE
Practice Administrator
TriValley Primary Care

Are you a Contract Worker?

I highly recommend this website if you are a contractor who wants to list their services:


Atalanta Web Design

Fixr Screen

What does a typical web service include?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions our web sales department processes, and we figured we would address it here.  As potential clients call in (typically in information-gathering mode) many are unsure of the technical parts and processes involved in getting a website online.  Typically a web service will do all of these parts to make a site work and function properly, saving the client time, confusion, and headache.  There are volumes of information on how to drive traffic, build reputable content and market your site on the web, but you need to have an outline or a preliminary understanding of what’s going on before getting into all that.
Today’s focus is on what Atalanta Web Design includes in it’s web packages.  Other companies may arrange, present or format it’s billing differently, so it’s essential to know what to look for when shopping around.  Any aspect of this can be explained at greater detail, so do not hesitate to contact us if further information is needed.

Typical web packages include:


  • Technical Support and Customer Service
  • Domain Name Registration (
  • Opening a Hosting Account
  • Includes 1 Domain on Account
  • Parked Additional Domains Extra
  • Expert Webmaster to Make Website Updates and Assist
  • Control Panel to Manage Web and Email
  • Webmail (email web browsing application)
  • E-mail Account Setup and Configured *Multiple
  • Daily Data Backups- Disk Storage Space (GB)
  • Plenty of Monthly Bandwidth Transfer (GB)
  • Built-in SpamAssassin E-mail filtering
  • Hyper-Turbo Web Technology*
  • No Downtime
  • Top Tier Network (fast connection and load time)
  • MySql Database
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux Compatible
  • FTP Accounts- E-Commerce Ready
  • WYSIWYG Website Editor Software [included]
  • Management of Website, Server, and Technical Issues
  • Hosting Account Control Panel (cPanel)

Lutheran Community at Telford

Lutheran Community at Telford is an excellent example site as a local website service client.  The enthusiastic, motivated staff was a joy to work with as we discussed the content outline and made photographic and graphic choices to compliment the design.  Fitting it all together brought a sense of accomplishment as this portal provided much-needed information to so many looking for a home in the area, as well as out-of-area.


Corporate-Grade hosting on a full service, Linux platform brings lightning-fast load times and optimal performance to each visitor.  There’s no lag time on this website, unless it’s from the internet connection, or the end-user’s slow, out-of-date, bogged-down computer system.  Search engine optimization, content management, website software and technical support make Atalanta Web Design an integral part of the team, working with LCT’s IT department on several occasions.

If all websites had this much information, this much content, and quality resources, photos and active sections, they would all be put in the 5-Star category.  Top rated codes, photo slideshows, modern CSS, advanced forms, social networking, and full site searching make this a “flagship” website I am proud to display in my portfolio!

This ideal website textbook example is one of my favorites. The art and style of the craft has been worked, and refined to a level not found in most websites today. A quality web marketing campaign is important for any business, service, or organization, so when this legal firm contacted Atalanta Web Design for a new website, we went right to work. Several services are integrated with this web account, including phone call tracking, analytics, and traffic from several online and offline sources. Below are several key highlights:

  • SEO optimized pages
  • Instant search form, Ajax/jQuery code
  • Dedicated, corporate grade hosting
  • Advanced mail routing to Exchange server
  • Association Logos
  • Testimonials
  • Biography text
  • New photos of staff
  • High impact color scheme
  • Web Integration
  • Navigation and Contact forms

Perkasie Regional AuthorityPerkasie’s hub for all-things water! This website features corporate-grade hosting, advanced email server configuration, premium support and technical site management. Among PBA’s rich content offerings, through the site’s extensive navigation levels, we can find numerous articles and current news, educational information, Water Treatment Facts, and also a current service fee schedule. PBA’s history is documented with over a century of milestones Perkasie Borough Authority has been through, onward through it’s recent name change to Perkasie Regional Authority. Some of the technical aspects of the site are as follows:

  • Animated Welcome Page/Intro
  • Videos and multimedia presentations about water systems
  • Extensive PDF library for students
  • Downloadable documents for borough members
  • Current rates, fees and billing information for public
  • Contact information for various departments
  • Site search functionality
  • External links to associated websites
  • Online payment processing
  • Dynamic flushing schedule page
  • Website Statistics, visitor counter, and analytics
  • Ajax/jQuery window slide for news articles
  • Content Management System for staff edits


ArmaCo ConstructionHere is an excellent example of a construction website. Client needed a professional, yet creative look and strong presence for his new construction company. Very specific parameters and details were discussed and carried out.

Project Highlights:

  • Professional & creative logo design
  • Multiple pages
  • Expandable categories
  • Header graphic with superimposed branding
  • Telephone information
  • Contact forms
  • Testimonials
  • Powerful client-side editing system
  • Stock photography
  • Photo gallery display
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing spidering
  • Analytics provided via Email

Google +1

What is Google +1 and Snippets?

This week’s discussion focuses on [yet another] brainy idea from the world’s leader in search engine talk, site promotion and marketing. Some see this as another incarnation or phase in the pursuit of increasing site rank. You have probably seen this popping up on the web, on various current websites:

Say you have a web page… (For sake of this article, we will say that part is established.) You might want to give visitors a means of highlighting and sharing – it could also be viewed as “voting” for a particular page of information. You simply add some javascript code [see below]. Google has provided extensive documentation here:


<!-- Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render -->

<g:plusone annotation="inline"></g:plusone>
<!-- Place this render call where appropriate -->

<script type="text/javascript">  (function() {

var po = document.createElement('script');

po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true;

po.src = '';

var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];

s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);  })();


Hosting, tech support, maintenance, and excellent customer service – all under one roof…

When we approached Atalanta Web Design for a new website, we were refreshed to find a responsive professional that handled all the website needs. Hosting, tech support, maintenance, and excellent customer service – all under one roof. Since the redesign, the website has received a lot of attention, compliments, and increased traffic. The server is very fast, and has made the website a reliable marketing tool for our retirement community. Scott has always been there for our website, and has processed our updates and requests in a reasonable timeframe. New pages, text edits, photo replacement – it’s all done for us. Having a technical web professional on call is just what we needed. …And for a convenient recurring fee too!

Cassie Tyson
Marketing Assistant
Lutheran Community at Telford

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