One of our specialties is building municipal websites for boroughs, townships and local governments. We enjoy working on this type of project, and are experienced and well-versed with the technical requirements and specific needs involved. Always using the latest mobile responsive frameworks and device-specific technologies, we work directly with your public relations / marketing staff, and use our award-winning combination of character, flow, organized content, graphic display, in addition to photographic and visual appeal that will make your visitors happy to frequent your website. Having an attractive, fast-loading website contributes to a quality reputation, establishing trust, credibility, and connection to your audience. We deliver this with super-friendly, professional customer service!

Building a Municipal Website

It’s not just about creating a piece of artistic beauty to admire, bookmark, and share on social networks. The higher goal is to present your town, borough, or local city organization in the most authentic way possible to your community and audiences in a way that will attract them to you organically. When done right, this orchestration of teamwork will achieve these goals.

Special Web Design Requirements

Your City website will be a natural hub and resource for the community. As such, it must be universally accessible by all web viewing devices. All media must supportĀ Federal Law Section 508 and the W3C guidelines. Both manual and automated processes are used during development to vigorously test and verify that page content complies with assistive technologies for those with disabilities. All major languages spoken by the residential area is implemented as part of the content development process as well.

Read more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the impact it has on your website:

Your Township website will provide an official place of authority. Technologies for conducting business, gathering feedback, communicating with key officials, and keeping content up-to-date are standard with our digital design framework systems, secure, reliable hosting environment, and full-ranged management services. Your code and design is customized from the ground up, and optimized for the fastest, most reliable visitor experience possible. E-mail setup, mailing list management, routine maintenance, continuous software updates and technical support are the backbone of our web services. If you are running a website, you NEED professional, technical webmaster services.

Municipal Website Design Quote

Let us provide you with a detailed proposal for your upcoming Township/Municipal website. Please provide your details using our Contact Page today!

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