Life is easier with domain management

No one can manage your domain better than Atalanta Web Design! From simple domain configuration changes, to the most advanced DNS updates – we’ve got you covered. We manage and protect your domain from those sneaky scammers who continuously try to send you domain renewals, when they are only trying to steal your domain.

We verify and maintain your DNS settings

While most web clients need basic domain management oversight, customers with multiple services, subdomains, outlook services, and other 3rd party mail/web/domain associations should be very concerned with who is maintaining this key part of your online presence.

Domain Name and DNSDomain renewal

When renewing your domain, while under your web service provider’s care, your domain is set to auto-renew, and Atalanta Web Design takes care of this step without any needs to stress or worry. Why do this yourself? You have enough bills and payments to manage, and anything associated with internet services means multiple billing invoices. We consolidate all of that for you so you only see one invoice, and don’t have to worry about interpreting the technical gobbledygook, being billed for services you didn’t want or need. Since so many web services are trying to up-sell you at every mouse-click, we shield you from all that excessive reading and accidental signups that weren’t asked for.

Domain scams, and phishing

Like it or not, these scams are REAL! If you get E-mails (and who in this day and age doesn’t??) you are bombarded with tons of SPAM, mostly sourced from other countries who do not abide by any laws or policies we enforce in the states. These illegitimate senders create counterfeit messages to trick you into clicking and renewing, except that this is NOT the correct company – such as Godaddy, Dreamhost, Hostmysite, etc – the message is fake, and should be deleted immediately. Trouble is, people still fall for it, and get their personal payment information compromised (called: PHISHING.)  With domain management, this entire world of risks are blocked and shielded – you never have to deal with it, because an expert will delete and report the malicious activity before you even see it.

Domain Management

Don’t know what this means? Then you could use Domain Management Services


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