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For small businesses who would like to improve the performance they are currently getting from their website, SEO marketing services are the key to success on the web. We get it, you already have a website. In most cases, your website is actually great (in appearance) and a lot of hard work has been done on the look, the writing, the overall content, but you need to take it to the next level. We work with clients who already have a website all the time!

Most SEO agencies have probably offered you quotes ranging in some *astronomical* fee [per month], and it may have been a discouragement from moving forward with a proper marketing plan. Atalanta Web Design has consistently – over the past decades – prided itself in being the affordable marketing agency for local businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. Our average SEO/PPC quote is $500/mo. Smaller businesses could be even cheaper than that.

What is great about the Norristown, PA location??

The fact that Norristown, PA is within an hour of our main office location is a great benefit. Customers have expressed that it gives a feeling of comfort to know the person working on their website is near, in the same state of Pennsylvania. Even more real is the reality that so many internet services outsource to foreign countries, further contributing to security concerns and wondering exactly who is accessing your sensitive website data. This worry is greatly reduced when you know and speak directly with the professional who is safely handling your business information. Our main goal is customer service, and building a great, trusting relationship with our clients, no matter what location.

Supporting a local business is always a good idea for strengthening and growing our economy! It also opens up the potential of meeting in person for coffee, consultation, and chatting about your website project. That said, for effective meetings we will always have ZOOM, SKYPE, FACETIME, GOOGLE HANGOUTS, GOTO MEETING, and other video sharing applications that have really shown incredible value and versatility since the pandemic of 2020. These apps have been around forever and we web professionals have been encouraging clients to use them for years!

Why should you invest in SEO services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO as it’s called in the industry) takes a very analytical approach to your page content in relation to your keyterms and marketing goals. Every industry/business/organization is going to have a different set of variables, but these factors are weighed, researched, and an in-depth analysis is done [real time] with the current competition. A popular, competitive business will have higher value keyterms than a very refined niche market. For example, ‘auto detailing’ has 35,000 searches per month. This is a popular term, and will have many other sites vying for that page #1 position for this term. Whereas a more specific search (related to this same business) for ‘fleet washing services’ has fewer than <500 searches per month. An SEO expert will evaluate these values and discuss the relevant terms with the client and present a marketing strategy. This proposal will be customized to fit within your budget and marketing goals.

Without this SEO process, a serious campaign in place, and a skilled professional executing the necessary technical steps, your business is losing out on growth, new leads, and possibly millions in sales. Missing out on that web traffic, losing those sales, never connecting with those new customers… We all must face this reality: Your competitors *are* investing in SEO services, and if you’re not, guess who’s site they will find first? Web searchers may not even find your site if no effort is put forth. However, with the right action plan in place, your site will rise above the competition [quite literally!]

Use our contact page today to schedule a free consultation to chat about your current web situation, and the results you would like to achieve. As part of your service quote, we will run a full website audit analysis on your website and base the proposal on current search data, competitor search volume, suggested backlinks, relevant keyterms and recommended actions to take for success.

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