When designing a website, there is far more to consider than just what’s on the surface. Yes, that top layer is very important, but what impact will your site have if it takes forever to load? Or breaks in most browsers? Or produces errors in Google with 404 pages. Inability to display optimized content on mobile or tablet devices can also have a crippling effect.

You need a speed performance expert

When delving into the deeper points of having your website managed and developed, you need experience behind you. The finer details become evident when the Google page console reports errors which may not be seen on the surface. Google’s spiders dig into every aspect of your site code, and it takes an expert eye to find and correct many of the issues that appear.

Page optimization score

Out of 100’s of criteria, Google checks every detail, every line of code for errors and adhering to modern code standards. It reports any problems or errors it finds, and without expert action taken, the problems will add up to a lower ranking. This is another part of SEO and while no site gets 100% perfect speed score, steps must be taken to audit the website and correct any broken links and configured code.

Speed performance service

That is exactly what Atalanta Web Design does! Please contact us today to arrange for a site audit and SEO report. You may be surprised at what we discover!

Reference [external link]: GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHTS

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