Whether on phone, video chat, Zoom, Skype, or in-person meeting, web consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable webmaster is your key to success! NOTE: whenever location / schedule is optimal, we favor the in-person meeting. The many other options are available for those clients out-of-state, or perhaps international. Often, a standard phone call will completely cover all important website topics and goals, even for those in the same town.

Web consulting often takes many forms, and will vary from client to client. Experienced webmasters are highly flexible and well versed in working with a wide array of industries, markets, and business formats, so please know that the individual needs of your business or organization are taken into full consideration.

Building Trust

At Atalanta Web Design, building trust is our #1 goal. This leads to success, longevity, and good relationships, overall. Many website business owners have been “burned” in the past by scams, services that did not deliver, and other miscommunication issues. We strive to avoid these pitfalls at all costs, by providing solid followups, email confirmations, and adhering to the details of our service agreement.  As professionals, these details are put into writing and this minimizes a world of confusion.

E-mail / Web Consultation

Consulting about your website on a regular basis will help to reach goals, hit milestones, and increase traffic and activity, leading to more business and clients. Consulting about new ideas, events, content, implementing new technical features, etc keeps your website fresh and updated too!

Some case history / client examples of web consultation:

  • Discussing new product lines, and deciding how to display on screen
  • Client needs a calendar to display available hours, discuss options
  • Business owner has new images for website, needs updating
  • Regular post updates, have webmaster do this task (see also: Web Maintenance)
  • Quarterly review of website analytics data
  • Development of website, regular phone calls to review page content
  • Walkthrough of page/post editing process
  • Phone call to ask for E-mail forwarding or to reset password
  • Meeting to go over expansion, goals, and site features

An active, full-time, dedicated webmaster managing your website is win-win for all!

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