Most of us have heard the term “Photoshop” before. It usually refers to manipulation of images (removing blemishes, changing color tone, enhancing details, etc.)  When it comes to web design, you should have all of your images processed by a Photoshop expert, who is familiar with all forms of file work, image formats, and image optimization.

General Photoshop Design Info

Even if your website is not based primarily on photographic content, there will always be benefits to having high-quality images presented. Correct color tone, proper aspect ratios, image sizing, and compression to achieve optimal load times is still a very important aspect of web images.

Image Enhancement, with Photoshop

Photoshop has been the industry standard since the beginning of digital imaging. One of this powerful software’s strengths is it’s use of layers and ability to work with fonts, colors, and styles on each individual element.

For a great resource, one can look into Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. That said – no need to waste time when you have a web expert for that!

Photoshop Design Example

Photoshop Design Example

Web & Print Design

Creating fliers, business cards, and other printed work is a specialty we pride ourselves in. We have another page devoted to this subject: Web and Print Design

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