There are two types of website owners out there: A) those who know and understand the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and B) those who barely know what Google is.  There’s very little in-between…  Realizing the benefits of promoting your website in the search engines is crucial to online success. SEO analysis – sometimes called a site audit – is where it all starts.

Website SEO Services

While there are many different companies offering different levels of service in the world of search engine optimization services. Some things that you should look out for in the SEO report are: Inbound Traffic, Keyword Performance, Backlinks/Referring Domains, and Site Crawl. These are important pieces of data that your SEO consultant must process and analyze in order to formulate the best strategy.

Recurring SEO Reports

Organic search engine reporting is a time-consuming process. Many online tools have become available, however Google keeps changing their entire system and search algorithms, which in turn means software and tools must also be updated. Along with that, how the data is viewed and interpreted should be put in the hands of an SEO expert.

Below we have Group A, and Group B. This is typically what is seen in web clients:

Group ‘A’ 

  • Has desire to succeed
  • Understands SEO is valuable
  • Has money to invest
  • Knows the website’s worth
  • Wants to expand
  • Desires to grow and profit

Group ‘B’

  • Views website as side hobby
  • Unwilling to invest money
  • Business is new or not established
  • Little/no funds available for website
  • Does not understand how SEO works
  • Not sure how Google works

Our best website clients come from ‘group A’, and they typically enjoy the highest levels of success.  Studies show that one must spend money to make money as the old saying goes.  Nowhere is this more true than in the world of eCommerce! 90% of all sales nowadays happen online, so it is essential to have this web marketing formula worked out for the profit of your business.

Investing in SEO

Needless to say, hiring an SEO professional to spend the necessary time improving your website rank is the absolute first step.  This is NOT a once-and-done job, but a recurring, usually monthly process.  For example, perhaps you already have a website? This is the case with many, and depending on how up-kept that site was, your SEO consultant may recommend a site upgrade. This is quite common, so do not assume they are just trying to up-sell you on unnecessary services.  Every few years a website framework [should] be completely revamped with modernized framework and functionality. For those not preparing for this in their budget should  probably ask themselves, “why am I in business?”  Fortunately, a large part of the work involved, ie: developing verbiage, content, photos, etc can often be salvaged and transferred through copying processes into a new design.  For clients new to owning a  website, ie: those who never had a website before – all of these are long-term points to consider.

Free SEO Analysis and Report

Contact us today! Call our number or submit our site’s contact form today, and we will provide a full assessment of where your site stands.  This is often called a site audit. We will provide a service estimate and offer tips, suggestions and advice on where your site needs work, identifying technical errors (this is what we find 99% of the time), and getting your site to rank higher.  It’s all about your website’s success, so what are you waiting for?

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