We live in a society of trends, patterns, and seasonal events.  Almost all businesses are affected by holidays, vacations, school, weather and other factors.   We must follow the ebb and flow of business, and take advantage of the highs and the lows.  If you are a contractor or lawn care professional, you know that some businesses scale back operations or completely shut down during the winter season.  If you run an ice cream business [for example], you know your main customers will be coming in those hot summer months.

Web Design for the Seasons

As web developers, we don’t want business to slow down.  The ideal schedule for self-employed individuals is consistent, regular, steady work, year round, all 12 months, 365 days per year.  For most businesses, this is simply not the case most years, most seasons, in most industries.  There are skilled workers and great services & products behind all of these businesses, so why do things have to slow down?

Using December as an example, during Christmas and New Years most workflow gets delayed and goes straight out the window during family travel, party planning, snow-days and seasonal festivities of this time of year.  Between the winter holiday excitement and the summer vacations of June, July & August, there is quite a fluctuation in business!  Web design work has it’s surge at the start of the year, and again in the fall.

Web Development for YOUR Schedule

Nobody likes the feast or famine mentality.  Consistent work and income year round is ideal and beneficial to all.  This is why we are offering the Summer Website Design Special!  We encourage scheduling your website development during these summer months of JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST, and are offering a 25% discount for those businesses who start their website development during those months.  It does not matter if you sell a winter-based snow-shoveling service, or run a summertime pool cleaning business – we can plan and develop your site over the summer and plan your ultimate marketing strategy, which will be fine-tuned and ready for those ebbs and flows.

How Do I Qualify For the Summer Website Design Special?

You can call anytime of year, as we are in business 24/7/365.  Our door is always open!  Ask questions, get service information.  Discuss goals and marketing ideas.  Let’s establish a good line of communication and planning.  (This is a good strategy, always.)  Most businesses have some wiggle-room and marketing freedom, so this flexibility will work to your advantage, scheduling a summer start date.

During our consultation, we will outline the perfect plan and timeline for your project.  Then, we simply fill out and schedule the website development start date during the summer months and your service quote will include the summer savings discount!  During the summer months, many families are on vacation, or taking a break from college or off on other big plans.  Imagine having this website work done and ready to go live soon after you return!

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