Many clients are unaware of how important this service is. We perform this business-growing service, along with other SEO strategies to form a successful combination of mission-critical tasks.

When would I need reputation management?

Reputation management is needed whenever a business is improperly listed or when incorrect information appears on the web, negatively impacting your business.

What steps are necessary to manage my online reputation?

Essentially, prevention is the key, but most clients arrive at this point years later, after discovering that someone has posted a negative review, or someone has linked or referenced your site in some unapproved way. We work hard to negotiate with the source of the unapproved information, and use all channels to find the *human* behind the administration of the offending website. If the information is false, misleading or breaks laws in some way, legal steps could be taken to have the site or post blocked or removed.

Website management services

When you have a trusted administrator like Atalanta Web Design managing your Google / Bing listing and correctly registering clear, up-to-date data in social media web database resources, this attributes to a higher SEO ranking, and makes it difficult for spammers or bad sources of information to do any damage. We block this kind of activity, and protect all business information from foul play online.

Other online reputation management situations where we help:

  • Photos or videos from college that are unbecoming
  • Posts from an ex who is causing drama after a relationship
  • Public information about getting fired from a past job
  • A disgruntled employee who took their information public
  • An enemy or competitor who spreads false info
  • Articles or news about illegal activity
  • Police reports displaying your mugshots
  • Difficult customers or competitor leaving bad reviews

What is a reputation manager?

Reputation managers are PR specialists who monitor and control online activities of an organization’s brands and sub-brands. They make sure that favorable reviews stand above unfavorable ones. In simple terms, reputation managers safeguard a brand’s reputation on the internet by controlling online information, both good and bad.

Source [external link]: REP MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION

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