Web hosting is a critical part of your online presence. Leaving the hosting details up to chance is not the best strategy. Having an expert manage, configure and maintain this essential part of your marketing is highly recommended by top authorities in the industry. It just makes good sense!

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Why web hosting?

A novice who never had a website before might actually ask this question, so we wanted to cover all the bases! Hosting is the core backbone of your web services. Most webmasters automatically take care or your hosting needs, and pay outright for hosting services from a larger company [ie: Godaddy, Dreamhost, HostGator, Bluehost, etc.]  ‘Reselling’ – as it’s termed allows the knowledgeable webmaster to maintain the settings, while the business owner works directly with the webmaster to make requests.

Customer service is our main focus

The missing link in most web hosting companies is #1 – a quality, personalized relationship, and #2 – a reasonable level of customer service.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting reseller

It’s a great win-win situation when your webmaster / web designer can build this quality relationship between the client and the multiple 3rd party services involved with managing and maintaining a website. Non-technical people might not be knowledgeable enough or equipped to deal with many of the hosting issues that arise – and they should not have to!

Web hosting help page [external link]: GODADDY

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