Nobody appreciates our Vets more than Atalanta Web Design. Active duty, Retired U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve veterans hold a special status in our company, and are recognized. The men and women who put their country first, sacrificed so much to serve and protect our country are eligible for the Website Military Discount program.

How do I apply for the Website Military Discount program?

Simply call or submit a request through our contact form and a representative will explain the details during your initial consultation. Our discussion will cover many details about your business, goals and purpose of your website. A majority of the questions will be centered around the technical requirements, programming features and website subject matter. You will be asked to provide proof. This is usually satisfied with a photocopy of your state issued driver’s license, but other official documents are accepted as well.

Receiving the Military Discount

After the initial consultation, and after all necessary details are known (sometimes multiple phone calls and follow-ups are needed), your web design service quote will be delivered to the contact information you provided. We do have to calculate many factors and technical needs of your website, and it is all outlined and made clear in your web service quote.

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