Content development is key to success in website development. Attracting the correct visitors to your site, establishing your goals, servicing your customers. It all starts with developing your content and writing out your business plan.

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Developing content for search engine optimization

Consult with any web expert / SEO / or marketing authority and they will confirm that site text and overall content is critical to success. When ranking and cataloging your website in the search results, Google and the search engines rely heavily on the writing and structure of a website, and that is why we put a large emphasis and value on this aspect, when developing your business-themed website.  Business or eCommerce websites have special needs, and each is unique throughout the development process. Something we all must consider: What may have been common practice 3-4 years ago is no longer used in today’s search engine strategies.

Writing and content development

Establishing your message and goals must be made clear even on page 1 of your site. Developing articles, images, and supplementary content, and then formatting it into the website framework – this is what our work is. At Atalanta Web Design, writing, and co-authoring and/or editing articles can be a team effort, and a winning combination.

Expert content writing for your business website

You are the expert of your business, so most of the input must come from you. That said, your webmaster will help shape and define your main points along the way, and structure it to fit into the standard web formats, for best display on the web page (mobile, tablet & desktop.)

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