We web designers see it all the time.  A small business owner, or an office staff putting all the internet responsibilities on one person.  It’s almost always a family member or even one of the owners, who should delegate the web editing, site management and technical support to a trusted, knowledgeable web service professional.  Maybe doing it all yourself worked in the past, but as your business grew, it is now clear you need to direct those energies elsewhere.

Internet Landscape Today

Needless to say, the landscape and industry of the internet and world wide web changes at an extremely fast pace.  If you have ignored your web marketing for even a few months, you are – let’s just be realistic – already behind.  Technical needs and requirements change.  Website framework software, plugins, and modules update constantly – almost weekly.  Server and security standards are ever increasing.  If you have a website and leave it to the wind, chances are you are already suffering with degraded performance, bad search engine rankings, outdated content, broken site functions – the list goes on an on.

Invest in Your Business

If you are a business or organization who is desiring to make a good impression, sell a product or service, or convey a professional public message of any kind, then you probably have something of great value.  Most likely, your goal is to make a profit somewhere along the line.  Time and time again, I see business owners and marketing staff throw countless thousands of dollars into a wide range of advertisements, paid staff positions, business trips and other extraneous expenses.  Somehow these same people forgot to earmark a budget for the MOST IMPORTANT part of their marketing plan.  (YES, I am talking about their website!). They also wait until the last minute, but that subject is for another article.  There should be no question that investing in your website is a no-brainer.  Developing a good relationship with your web service provider in another no-brainer.  Do these 2 things, and your business will grow 10 fold!

A Wide Range of Services

Because of the technical nature of this field, one hurdle we web developers face is explaining the wide range of services.  There are way too many to list in one place.  To break it down into a partial list, we can simplify it as: 1) Web Development [the actual development of the website], 2) Website Maintenance [this means keeping your site up-to-date] 3) Google/Search Engine Optimization, Web Ads 4) Technical Support 5) and Other marketing tasks [configuring emails, hosting support, managing email marketing lists.]. Providing support on this can be a full-time position.

Web Service Go-To People

Our company is dedicated to one thing: Complete Web Service!  All of our plans and websites offer full page-editing access, so YOU are in control of your content, while WE ensure everything is running smooth in the background.  A percentage of our clients want to self-manage their website, while the other percentage want an even closer level of attention, where we handle additional tasks.  We adapt and adjust our service to YOUR needs!  At any given time of the season, simply send in a web request (this may include new photos, additional pages, programming a custom contact form, adding products to a store, etc.) and we make these updates for you.  We are the affordable staff that you never have to see, provide office space for, offer employee benefits to, or pay for travel, training, equipment etc.  We are already steps ahead, and serve as an “Independent Contractor.”  …And tax deductible too.

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