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Your website needs management and maintenance in order to stay up-to-date and accurate. We cannot stress this enough to our clients. It is *NOT* just a matter of your information not changing. We get it, you have been doing the same business for X number of decades, you feel the added expense of a small maintenance fee will break the bank. Well we have some good news – it won’t. 😀💲💲💲

Different Web Maintenance Plans For Different Clients

Each client is unique. Every business, organization and staff we work with has a different style and approach in terms of what they need, and where they would like a virtual staff / assistant to fit into their web maintenance and marketing plan. We custom tailor your service quote, and you only pay for the services you want / need. We view this as a win-win situation – how could it get any better? Weather you consider yourself a small client or large – this is another area we make transparent. No matter the size of your company, all clients get treated equally, and are referenced by name – not by a cold, unscrupulous account number.

Why Website Maintenance?

If the speed that the internet changes and updates with new technologies isn’t enough of an incentive to keep your website up-to-date, here is another: where is a business website owner going to turn if/when something goes wrong? Not to use scare tactics, but this scenario is very real. (We’ve seen it 1000 times!) Example: you left your website up to chance, ignoring all the security updates, and writing on the walls letting you know your site is getting very dated. Numerous changes have occurred in your company which really should have been updated. This is a major content editing problem. However, the real threat is that many links on your site are old and outdated since everything else on the web has changed over the years. Your site is getting a poor page rank compared to competitors. Some of the modules your site uses have stopped working. Any software licensing used on your site has expired. The framework of your site is at least 2-3 years old now and has been open to security holes and hackers. It’s not even mobile or tablet friendly! What’s worse is some pages on your site have been taken over by a mischievous web visitor who has exploited these outdated vulnerabilities.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Don’t take our word for it! Read what other companies say about Website Maintenance:

Company [external link]: Divicake, offers additional supplementary information

Don’t Leave Your Website Up To Chance

Since your site is a direct representation of your business or organization, some scrambling and stressful searching must be done to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable webmaster who can make the necessary edits. Hosting companies will NOT render free website fixes, and there are specific lines and policies guiding this. If you were on a web service plan (one of OUR web service plans, specifically speaking), your problem will be solved by a phone call or email. Any account we manage has already been watched over in our normal routine maintenance schedule. We ensure all technical details are up to date, and running smoothly. This in itself reduces the chances of big problems happening in the first place. However, should the unexpected happen – and on occasion, it does – any serious website owner would want this cleaned up and dealt with right away.

Is Website Maintenance Right For Me?

If you take your website seriously (why are you on the web if you don’t?), then the answer is a resounding YES. Being able to E-mail your webmaster to ask for changes and updates anytime of the year, is in-and-of-itself a great value. Contacting your webmaster for tech support and discussing your projected web goals is a consultation service of immeasurable value. Having one point of contact for all your web endeavors is an extremely convenient place to be. Building a solid, trusted business relationship with a dedicated professional who helps your business to succeed is a partnership that is quite truthfully… priceless.

Staying up-to-date & ranked with Google and Bing is a large part of the success equation. It’s often misunderstood by clients, because most of it happens on the back-end. You will want to read our other article on Search Engine Optimization here for expanded information on that subject.

Saving Money With Website Maintenance

Believe it or not, the money some clients *think* they saved by not paying a small web maintenance fee is actually not saved at all! Time and experience shows us that preventive maintenance is always more cost effective than corrective maintenance. While that is a great rule of thumb for just about anything, it definitely applies to the web industry.

Clients come to us all the time with a 5+ year old website that has not been touched in years. They’ve been paying the minimal hosting fee, basically just to keep the domain active. When we evaluate the work necessary for the entire site revamp and updating, it turns out that their business could have ranked higher, engaged more customers, and drawn higher profits had they invested in web maintenance sooner.

Isn’t your business worth investing in? Contact us today to put your website in the RIGHT hands.

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