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Whenever you see this term or advertisement, you are sure to be met with the realization that it’s an extensive amout of time, skills, and talent that creates a website.  It’s a process that professionals have come to appreciate as they put their faith and confidence in a reliable, dependable, service-oriented web professional.

Read why using Squarespace, WebsiteBuilder, Pagecloud, Ucraft, Webflow, IM Creator, Spacecraft, Duda, Jimdo, or Weebly is just a BAD idea!

Since WIX was founded in 2006, a barrage of “self-service” web development platforms have flooded the market, bridging the gap between serious web development, and something a person with $50 can afford.  They all follow a similar format: use the term “FREE” as much as possible to attract customers and get them to fill in all their information.  This leads visitors to discover only after spending countless hours entering all their vital, precious info and configuring that there are a multitude of pricing options and service levels to unlock to get the features they wanted. These companies have wreaked havoc on the web design industry.  “How?”,  you might ask.

There is No Such Thing as a Free Website

This article will dispel the confusion, shine light on web service facts, establish the value of web design services, and explain WHY supporting a dedicated, independent service-oriented webmaster is a better choice for you and your company, as a whole.  Avoiding the “self-service” companies will save you and your company from the many pitfalls, headaches and limitations that are inherent in these inferior do-it-yourself web design services.

How to Build a Successful Website 

Weather you are a small-to-medium sized business, large industrial firm or medical complex, Township municipal or other organization staff, building a quality relationship with your responsive web team is a proven, successful formula.  Providing the experts with information, written content, photos, regular correspondence and feedback [Fun-Fact: In a study from Berkley, 85% of respondents in the test group found that constructive criticism (rather than the alternative types) was beneficial during the development process.]  Your web designer is not a mind reader and WANTS to do a great job, so giving them the tools they need and the attention your site deserves is a surefire win-win scenario.

Web Mistakes – What to Avoid

Many do-it-yourself web services use deceptive techniques (hiding the true cost) and most of the self-service companies [see listed in article] prey on those looking for a freebie.  But worse than that [ keeping in mind the author is a web developer ], they insult the knowledge, value and skill of hard-working web developers.  Rule of thumb: anyone experienced in life knows anything advertised to be free always has a cost – a catch.  If you needed a root canal, you would not dream of doing it yourself.  Yet, this is what many are led to do by the constant marketing messages found on floating banners across the internet, in regards to developing a website.

DIY Website Design – Good News For Web Developers

With the “free website builder” trend behind us, and also some of the worst business economy in past decades (two coinciding forces that have influenced the industry, hitting us hard) there is now an entire generation of perturbed clients who are fed-up with the poor (non-existent) service, cheap, low-budget sites, lack of true support, marketing, or maintenance, definitely limitations in SEO, site promotion and mobile site optimization (many do not even provide updated frameworks necessary for today’s devices.)  A generation has learned that their self designed, cheap site has under-performed and given them much less than what they put into it.  These consumers are now waking up to that reality, and ready to invest in *real* web services, and upgrades.  Company owners are taking an aggressive stance in their business success once again.  It’s time to reap the harvest!

Self-Service Web Solutions (NOT RECOMMENDED):

In addition to Wix, a number of other services have reared their ugly heads in the industry. Disclaimer: The following is for informational purposes ONLY. Atalanta Web Design is NOT responsible for bad experiences incurred through the use of the below services.

  • Squarespace (2018)
  • Pagecloud (2014)
  • Ucraft (2014)
  • Webflow (2013)
  • IM Creator (2011)
  • Spacecraft (2010)
  • Duda (2009)
  • Jimdo (2007)
  • Weebly (2006)


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